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Dr Uchenna's MYSMILE is a premium oral care system made with the best ingredients, for a brighter smile and a brighter you.

Our latest products

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~
Sensitivity pen

£22.00 GBP

Dr Uchenna’s MYSMILE NEW Sensitivity Pen, has been developed as an easy-to-use and effective product to help ease and prevent the pang of tender teeth. Don’t let your sensitive ...

MYSMILE Smile Bundle£44.99 GBP

Your favourite smile enhancing products bundled together. Put a smile on someone's face, or indulge in some self-love by gifting this to yourself. -Whitening toothpaste-Whitenin...

New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~
Beautiful Bamboo Toothbrush

Beautiful Bamboo Toothbrush£4.99 GBP

The MYSMILE bamboo toothbrush cleans just as well as a plastic toothbrush but made from earth’s best gifts - bamboo. Made with the highest quality bristles and medium stiffness ...


I tried this after reading a review on British Beauty Blogger and I trust Jane (the writer).I'm SO glad I did!I think you do have to give it a chance, realistically it's not going to do the job overnight, but me and my husband have both been using it for several months now and we both have noticeable results. I am very happy and won't be without it now!

Cassandra Hall

Just purchased my 2nd MySmile toothpaste. Wow, my mouth feels totally clean and protected, plus the lustre is back on my porcelain veneers upper and lower teeth (smile makeover 11 years ago).

Karen Cairns

Verified customer

I can’t believe this toothpaste. I knew it would be a decent product (it is Dr Uchenna), but it's amazing. Most whitening toothpastes (I've used so many) have a similar level of result. This one is so, so much better at lifting stains and brightening. It tastes nice, feels gentle; price-tag is totally justified.


Louise Logan

Verified customer

I LOVE this toothpaste -- and so does my daughter. My oral health is pretty good but since using this toothpaste my mouth feels fresher without the artificial over powering "mint" taste the regular toothpastes have. Definitely a repeat customer.

B. Pryce

Verified customer

I have gum disease but this toothpaste is lovley. I've noticed my teeth are looking better and my mouth feels so fresh after using this. It's so nice.


Donna Baldachhino

Verified customer

My hands seem to prefer reaching for Dr Uchenna's MySmile toothpaste instead of my usual one!! I really like the gentle clean feel it leaves. Also love the teeth whitening pen, very useful to have in my bag out and about (as a lover of coffee, teas, tomato based sauces and curries!).



K Gbolade

Happy customer

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