7 (easily fixed) health sins

7 (easily fixed) health sins

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June 2023
– features expert quotes from cosmetic dentist, Dr Uchenna Okoye, on brushing too soon after eating


Most of us are trying to do more to lead a healthier life such as upping our daily quota of fruit. And vegetables, trying meditation or attempting to get eight hours’ sleep a night. But what if it is things we are doing already that are our downfall? These clever lifestyle tweaks can help turn things around and give you a much-needed wellbeing boost

You’re Brushing Too Soon After Eating

While cleaning your teeth twice a day is essential for good health, you might be timing it wrong. If you brush too soon, especially after a sugary drink there’s too much acidity in the mouth and this can erode the enamel.


TRY ‘After eating or drinking, wait about 45 minutes before brushing, says cosmetic dentist Dr Uchenna Okoye. ‘This allows saliva to buffer the effect of bacteria and bring your mouth to a neutral state


You’re Skipping Dessert

Tempted by the sweet treats in a restaurant? Don’t deny yourself only to give in to a piece of cake or biscuits a few hours later. By eating something sweet after

a healthy meal, you lessen the corresponding glucose spike you’d act if you ate the same thing in between meals. “Dessert creates maximal pleasure and minimal impact on your body” says biochemist Jessie Inchauspé. Over time, glucose spikes can lead to damage to organs, nerves and blood vessels