Dentist Formulated

by an expert Cosmetic Dentist you can trust for a naturally brighter smile – Dr. Uchenna Okoye

Made in the UK

With the very best globally-sourced ingredients.


Excludes all forms of animal exploitation

Contains pure essential oils

A cool soft mint that isn’t harsh on the tongue

Recycled Board

Recycled Board for an eco-friendly and sustainable solution

Luxe dental beauty on the go

Instantly boost your smile anytime, anywhere

Just Click & Brush

Instantly give your teeth a
brighter look when you need it most.

Touch Up Tips

Instantly boost your smile by simply drying your teeth with a paper towel and applying directly onto the tooth.

For special occasions, begin treating everyday for a week before your event.

Unleash your inner dazzle

Safe for enamel and gums

Frequently Asked Questions